Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Preview screening VII

++++++++ or Ne touchez pas la hache

I will do it, the young man said, but I will do it alone.
and began iting.

he had already acknowledged the existence of some of that idleness
that broached an unpleasant subject of itself too wide to conceal it.
sensing that the objectionable idiom was all that could be desired
in this mildly disagreeable situation
he even forgot to mind the gap between his front teeth.

as useful as literature
he watched and watched
the glue waves slapping against the somewhat mixed entertainment
of an hour and a half spent wisely
all the time our travelers passed axe, exercise and relaxation.

to guide the galleys through the blueprint of the would-be world rule
does not necessarily mean
rest or amusement. it can be a hatchet.

six lively infants in the bank
six sickly infants in the bunk
six suckling infants on the bank
six lovely infants on the brink, -
sang the sea of conceit.

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