Saturday, January 13, 2007

Preview screening III

This black’n’grey production
dealing with murder and interpreting particular personal relationships
has no trace of poetry
all just decent dead people
suspecting one another and their existence in dubious grammar
The characters are (in order of appearance):
G.-D., a poet,
distrusting her alphabet in colours of so many indecisions
The Second Bearer of grief
Polar bear

Trivia: The absence of the First Bearer of grief was originally discussed by the crew while filming ‘Onto death’ (1996).
A polar bear was wounded while filming. Later the scene was cut from the film; this decision was attributed to protests from animal rights groups.

Goofs: Continuity: After being wounded in a fight with The Second Bearer of grief, Polar bear is carried on a stretcher. First, his left paw is bleeding, then his right one.

Quotes: The Second Bearer of grief: pull down a god
G.-D.: pull down to suppose
there is no one to pull down.

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